About Us

The India Shop started in 1987, we are a family firm based the heart of rural Wiltshire, importing the best of Fair Trade home and gift products.                                     We have a retail shop in Salisbury and a furniture showroom in Honeystreet in the beautiful Pewsey Vale.

We are committed to Fair Trade, aiming to provide sustainable employment for disadvantaged artisans; no child is involved in the production of our goods.  We are a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers (BAFTS).

We aim to offer quality stylish hand made products that are full of character. We like fun and colourful and something a bit different. We source new products each Spring and Autumn to keep our collection interesting and unique.

Honeystreet Boats runs friendly canal boat holidays from our wharf in Honeystreet. For more information visit www.honeystreetboats.co.uk

We are a registered company. Registered in England No.: 2232641. VAT Number: 639 3300 44


















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